Technical Writing

All of the items in this section began as assignments for an online technical writing class. Most of the assignments were projects done with a group of three others. We worked closely throughout the semester and collaborated via Google docs to complete assignments, often co-editing in real time.

Team Bio Page
First group assignment. Each of the original three members gave a brief self-description accompanied by a photograph.

Hunger Info-graphic
Designed by the team in order to develop our own understanding of how info-graphics work.

Usability Test Plan
For this assignment, the team was asked to select an info-graphic and design a survey to test that info-graphic’s usability.

White Paper
After conducting the usability test on the given info-graphic, our team was asked to write this white paper, which explains the results of the test. I worked mostly on the abstract and the methodology sections and made some very minor revisions to the sections of my team mates.

Grant Proposal
This is a rough draft of a grant proposal written for technical writing class. Still needs much revision.