From Noodles to New Songs

Homecoming week at Moscow High School. Thursday's theme: future career day. Can you guess mine? Moscow High School. Mosocow, ID. October 8 2015.

Homecoming week at Moscow High School (my place of work). Thursday’s theme: future career day. Can you guess mine? Moscow High School. Mosocow, ID. October 8 2015.

These last few weeks I’ve been busier than ever, had more fun than ever, and been more productive than ever. Been on a few trips with my awesome girlfriend, and I’m learning to squeeze inspiration out of every moment I have the privilege of being alive on this planet. We’ve been hiking and going to concerts, movies, and art exhibits. One of the most interesting places we visited was the Pentalum which was temporarily set up on Washington State University campus in Pullman, WA. What appeared from the outside to be an over-sized bouncy-castle turned out to be quite a feat of architecture. From inside, the structure comes alive. Ethereal sounds come from every direction, and the lighting reminds me of something that only Mallarme could have described. It feels like a sort of hybrid of a cathedral and a cave.


We come in peace! Had fun taking crazy pictures at the luminarium. Architects of Air: Pentalum. Pullman, Wa. September 26, 2015.

The following weekend we headed north to Spokane to play a show, and since I finally figured out how to use my antique credenza record player properly, I decided that I needed to buy some vinyl albums. Spent $30 at a store called 4000 Holes and picked up Briefcase Full of Blues by the Blues Brothers, Miles Davis Volume 1 by Miles Davis, and Hot Rocks 1964-1971 by the Rolling Stones. Almost picked up Nashville Skyline, but that would have meant sacrificing the Stones, and I’m too little country and too much rock and roll. After the record store we went thrifting for a bit before stopping at Nudo for some deliciously spicy ramen and then headed over to the venue. The crowd was feisty, but if there’s one thing that makes me feel at home, it’s playing to a rowdy pool hall in a good old-fashioned dive bar.

IMG_1225 (1)

NOM NOM! Lichtenstein and Ramen at Nudo in Spokane with my sexy date right before a show at Checkerboard Bar. For more on our recent adventures, check out her blog at Nudo. Spokane, WA. October 2, 2015.

On Tuesday I had my first real free write in quite some time, and Wednesday morning I wrote three chorus sections to a new song. Now it’s Thursday night, I’m blogging, and I feel alive. Maybe this weekend I can finally take a few hours to start going through all the little puzzle pieces I’ve been recording in my Notes and Voice Memos apps for the past 3 or so years. Try to make sense of them. Or maybe this weekend I’ll finally sleep… XD

Posing outside the venue on Friday after check-in.

Posing outside the venue on Friday after check-in.

Bantering with the crowd.

Bantering with the crowd.


Spinning my fresh finds on an old table.


One of the more memorable and less buyable records I found while hunting for vinyl gold.


Bartok for children? I love Bela, but someone please tell me how he makes sense for children? What’s next? John Cage for infants?